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Housing For Altus AFB Students

THE Altus Crashpad is a private home that is designed and managed with USAF aircrew in mind. We offer superior housing to the local hotels, other crashpads and billeting at Altus Air Force base.   With 5 new LED 4K TVs it is the perfect place to watch the big game with your friends!  In addition, to a great home in the perfect location we provide a wide variety of amenities and support services- many of the best streaming services are included. With THE Altus Crashpad you can choose from a variety of rooms and suite plans with modern and flexible living spaces that will make your stay more enjoyable.  As a student learning or upgrading in your weapon system, THE Altus Crashpad is a great place to hang out with your friends and when you need to get down to studying there is plenty of room to spread out so you can focus. Stay at the top rated crash pad in Altus OK.

Why Choose Us?

There are other crashpads offering  “Air Force Style”  housing but THE Altus Crashpad takes it to the next level and is considered one of the top crash pads near Altus AFB Oklahoma. The key feature that makes us different than others is our quality standard. Each bedroom has a large smart 4K television and blazing fast Gigspeed Wi-Fi connection, some suites have separate tubs and showers with huge beds and memory foam mattresses in bedrooms.   You can also enjoy the walk-in closet or big closet to store your personal items. All of the rooms contain a keyless touchpad smart lock. Besides all of these advantages, you can enjoy the huge well-appointed kitchen, front and fenced back yard, and other high-quality amenities not found in all crash pads near Altus AFB. So, if you are looking for the absolute best housing in Altus OK then, call or text right now and secure your spot 603-660-9802.

altus crash pad
Altus AFB Crash Pad
altus air force base housing

Tyler Cibotti

Spacious renovated place in a nice neighborhood. Stayed here with 3 friends from Columbus and enjoyed being close to all the restaurants/stores/bars.

Zach Glasgow

Stayed in the crash pad for C17PIQ, hope to use the same one when I come back. Owner was very helpful and the house is wonderful.
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2219 William Drive, Altus, OK

Call or text:  ‪(603) 660-9802

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  • What Is A Crashpad?
    Wondering about the Crashpad? It's not your typical hotel! We're a TDY housing option designed specifically for students and trainees during their time at Altus. We go beyond providing a place to stay; we treat our house members like family, understanding their individual needs.
  • Why Choose Us?
    Opt for THE Altus Crashpad, which is dedicated exclusively to Air Force crewmembers.. Having spent extensive time in Altus TDY ourselves, we understand the key elements that make a stay enjoyable. Our mission is to provide one of the finest and most comfortable Crashpads in the business, equipped with many amenities and comforts to enhance your stay.
  • What Is The Cost?
    Forget about any out-of-pocket expenses or upfront fees. We bill almost the same price as on-base lodging, ensuring you enjoy a superior experience with numerous home-like comforts.
  • Are Pets Allowed?
    To maintain the comfort and well-being of all house members, we currently do not accept pets. While we adore animals and have pets of our own, we understand that not everyone shares the same sentiment. Our goal is to ensure a positive experience for everyone, and we hope to offer pet-friendly accommodations in the future. If you need an exception to our policy please reach out and depending on several factors we may allow your pet.
  • Do I Have To Stay On Base?
    Absolutely not! Contrary to common misconceptions, military students cannot be compelled to stay in the base's lodging facility. We never charge a penny more than what on-base lodging would cost, ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses for you.
  • What Should I Bring?
    Pack light! All you need to bring are yourself, some clothes, and basic toiletries for your travel needs. We've got you covered with towels, sheets, paper products, and common household items. No need to haul everything with you – we've taken care of the essentials to make your stay hassle-free.
  • Do You Accept Family Reservations?
    Currently, THE Altus Crashpad near Altus AFB is designed for singles only. While short visits from spouses/partners are encouraged, we do not accept long-term family reservations at this time. If the home is completely available we may be able to make an exception. Please reach out.
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