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USAF Guidance

Current guidance that allows students to lodge in crashpads when TDY at Altus AFB is found in the Joint Travel Regulation (Reference Table 2-14, #6 on page 2-27).  A certificate of Non-availabilty is not required and there is zero out-of-pocket costs.

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Questions and Answers

What does the JTR say?

Below is the most important part in regards to your stay at THE Altus Crashpad.

Section 020303. Lodging

A traveler on TDY must reserve lodging compliant with U.S. Fire Administration guidelines.  (THE Altus Crashpad is on this list)

A. Booking Commercial Lodging

1. A traveler is responsible for any charges in excess of the per diem rate.  THE Altus Crashpad only charges you the authorized on-base rate.

3. If a traveler cannot book commercial lodging using the TMC (including the electronic travel system) then the traveler must book directly with the commercial lodging facility (including the hotel’s online Web site).  You’re in the right spot!

4. If a traveler obtains lodging through an online booking agent, reimbursement is authorized only when the traveler provides a documented itemized receipt for room costs from the hotel or online booking agent showing the following charges (CBCA 2431-TRAV, September 13, 2011):

a. Daily hotel room costs.

b. Daily hotel taxes.

c. Daily miscellaneous fees, if applicable.  THE Altus  Crashpad provides all guests a daily itemized receipt at the end of their stay.  If you require one monthly for accrual vouchers, we will provide that as well- Whatever you need.

Can I move out of billeting to THE Altus Crashpad?

Yes—in fact, folks do this all the time! Please contact us here 603-660-9802 and one of our Reservations Specialist will help you make the transition.

Even if your training program already started and you’re staying on base, you can move off base at any time, without any commitment from your current on-base or off-base hotel.  You do not need a non-availability slip because we do not charge more than the on-base lodging rate.

I am taking leave during the December Holidays.  Do I need to move out?

Unlike on-base lodging and hotels, THE Altus Crashpad will not charge you for the days you are on Official Leave in the month of December. Although the homeowner still needs to collect rent to pay their bills, we understand your need to take leave; so we’ll cover those days for you. You’re able to retain your reservation with the comfort of knowing your belongings are safe in your house while you’re away.  

If there is government lodging available at the time of your check-in and you choose not to use it  you will you be reimbursed?

Yes, you will  get reimbursed what it would cost to stay on base.

“When adequate Gov’t Qtrs are available on the U.S. installation to which a member is assigned TDY, and the member is directed to use them, and the member uses other lodgings as a personal choice, lodging reimbursement is limited to the Gov’t Qtrs cost on the U.S. installation to which assigned TDY (44 Comp. Gen. 626 (1965)). Per diem cannot be limited based on the presence of ‘nearby’ Gov’t Qtrs (i.e., not on the U.S. installation to which the member is assigned TDY, but another ‘nearby’ U.S. installation or other uniformed facility).”

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